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Laser Technology

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Fast - Clean - Efficient

Completely new, innovative possibilities, breathtaking effects and filigree production processes are the benefits of product finishing by laser beam.

Whenever traditional punching tools reach their physical limits and products need to leave a lasting impression, to stand out from the crowd and provide a haptic experience, is where our laser technology comes into play. And all this from the first print run, without expensive and static punching tools.

The laser beam can be precisely adjusted in such a way that it either punches through the material (laser cutting) or only removes the surface (laser engraving). Laser engraving can also be performed at different depths in a single work step in order to create three-dimensional effects.

Because of our new and fully automated production line, we can now offer you even more for any sheet size up to III B. A combination of ultra-modern laser heads, an integrated creasing module, the latest camera control and the final sheet cleaning lets you fulfill different kinds of requests. This allows us to produce your individual product in a single run and at an unprecedented production speed.

This technology also allows us to reduce any brown cutting edges and smoke residues to a minimum, sometimes even completely eliminating them (based on the material).

In addition to impressive laser fine cut-outs and laser engravings, this technology also allows microperforations, laser grooves, contour cut-outs, label cut-outs, personalized laser finishing and numbering on extreme materials.

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Filigree laser punching